Amy Kotch

Amy Kotch

Home town: San Diego, California


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Amy Kotch's story starts with day dreaming of perfect waves, watching the sun drop into the never ending crystal clear tropical waters of the Maldives, and coconut palms littering the white sand of the shore. Understandably one can be completely envious of Amy Kotch's dream job…Being the first woman to land a job as the resident surf guide at the Four Seasons Resort back in the day. Amy now lives a nomadic lifestyle with her husband and young son, Curren, working in the Maldives for six months of the year on 'HudhuranFushi Resort' and this year helping out Allois at Pohnpei Surf Club in Micronesia for the remainder of the year.


Maldives tube time.


Stomping on a Lunasurf crosshatch tailpad, Maldives.


P Pass pig dog, Micronesia.


Ladies Lunasurf 2mm wetsuit, leash and tailpad.


Maldives playground.



Lunasurf 3 piece crosshatch tailpads, Maldives.