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UFO? or Brain Pole Full Rotation Air Hugues Oyarzabal in a Lunasurf hooded wetsuit

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U.F.O. WHO - Hugues Oyarzabal mid orbit riding Lunasurf - Hendaye, France.

Underground surfer & filmaker Hugues Oyarzabal in a Lunasurf hooded wetsuit captures a full rotational air using a brain pole camera angle.

View the full edit https://vimeo.com/145453862 and also (below) the full session

30's TOTO . #hendayebeach from WHO production on Vimeo.

Hugues rides Lunasurf traction, leashes and wetsuits. Check out his signature W.H.O. 3 piece front foot traction pad - perfect for wake, wakesurf, wakeskate, kite, kitesurfing, skimboarding, SUP, surfing, river surfing and more

Hugues Oyarzabal's signature Lunasurf Front Foot Pad - PRO freesurfer / film maker , WINNER of the GOPRO AWARD SURFERPOLL 2012

Lunasurf W.H.O. Hugues Oyarzabal Signature 3 piece surfboard front foot pad

Looking for an alternative to wax? Try this multi use front foot surfboard traction pad suiting any shape or surfboard you wish to ride, from high performance shortboards, longboards, fishes and guns, to even tiny groms boards.

- 3 piece pad
- 35cm long x 32cm wide
- No arch bar and no kick.
- Very strong adhesive(3M PSA)
- Double diamond grooved EVA posi-compound foam

Lunasurf Ambassadors - have tested and trust this grip all over the globe, from freezing waters in Iceland, Scotland and Norway, to the tropical waters of Indonesia, Hawaii and Mexico.

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Basque surf girl surfing with an alien - 3 year old Kailani Oyarzabal

Meet Kailani Oyarzabal, the Basque surfer girl surfing with aliens at just three years of age. Be entertained by Ian Battrick, Hugues Oyarzabal and his daughter 'Kaikai' surfing with Sfath the alien, when she was just 3 years old- some perfect waves & alien activity In France.00:00 - 04:44 Ian, Hugues, Kailani, Sfath [03:00 [...]

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An eye burning tube Ian Battrick surfing Lunasurf full deck grip in Indonesia

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Zoltan Torkos surfing kick flip, shove it, kickflip to sex change and more...

Zoltan Torkos tearing around Santa Cruz, California riding our Lunasurf thruster fin and Luna full deck grip like he is in an aqua skatepark.Surfing kickflips, shove its, kickfllip to sex change, dark slides and more are all in Zoltan 'the magician's bag off tricks.Filmed by Skim ShadySurfing kickflip on Lunasurf full deck grip including the [...]

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5 year old Basque surf girl Kailani Oyarzabal riding Lunasurf full deck grip

Basque surf girl Kailani Oyarzabal riding Lunasurf full deck grip at home in Hendaye, France. Kaikai is ripping both regular and goofy foot at just 5 years of age.When her dad Hugues was asking her which surfboard traction she wanted, she was insisting the white, it had to be the white.If you are looking to see [...]

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Ian Battrick surfing the Lunasurf Quad fin and Luna Knubster made by Futures Fins

Ian Battrick riding our signature Lunasurf Quad fin in Scotland. "I have been riding them from 6" slop in Jersey in my fish, to high performance shortboards, all the way up to my guns in draining barrels. I love the speed, drive and lines this quad set allows you to take in the barrel. Then [...]

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Timmy Turner riding the NEW signature Lunasurf thruster fin made by Futures Fins

Timmy Turner riding our NEW 'signature Lunasurf thruster fin template' in Baja, Mexico. Picture by Damian DavilaHuntington Beachs Timmy & Ryan Turner, the brothers both surfing Hall of Famers, surf legends & tube riding masters have been riding the Lunasurf fins from small HB to hosing Baja barrels.Lunasurf Futures Fins Honeycomb Thruster (Medium)Size: Medium 145 [...]

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NEW : Lunasurf release a Futures Fin as Thruster, Quad, and Tri-Quad with a unique Lunasurf Knubster

When designing this fin set, Ian Battrick and Lunasurf wanted to develop something with Futures fins that was a progressive template for all conditions, enhancing your enjoyment and performance through your whole quiver. From 6" wind slop at home on a fish, to high performance short boards, high performance surfing, to threading big barrels on step ups and [...]

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Hugues Oyarzabal gets ridiculously barreled riding Lunasurf wetsuits, full deck grip & leash - Check his signataure WHO front foot pad

Getting tubed is hard. Holding a camera while getting tubed is even harder. Taking a picture of yourself while holding a camera and getting tubed is freaking bonkers. It also makes for some cool images.  WHO? Hugues Oyarzabal - Skeleton Bay, Namibia - Hand held GoPro POV barrel time riding Lunasurf wetsuits, traction and leash. Hugues Oyarzabal, [...]

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Lunasurf surfboard full deck grip, front foot traction and tailpads - no more wax - just grab your board and go

Front foot traction and the use of full deck grip rather than wax, is a simple solution to a lot of things. From front foot and back foot denting, to never ever waxing your board again. No maintenance required. No more melting wax in the sun going all over your car, the inside of your [...]

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