Videos of Lunasurf worldwide

Ian Battrick in Lunasurf 6.4mm hooded wetsuit, riding Lunasurf full deck grip, leash & our signature surfboard fin template in some icy waves.

Huntington Beach surf legend Timmy Turner riding Lunasurf full deck grip, leash & our signature Lunasurf thruster fins in Indonesia. 

Dreaming within a dream? A few fleeting visions, taken from several months living in a car around Iceland. Wearing a Lunasurf all 4mm hooded wetsuit, using Luna leashes & full surfboard deck grip.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a couple of mid-winter barrels from a surfers point-of-view riding Lunasurf full deck grip, leashes & all 4mm hooded wetsuit.

Basque surf Hugues Oyarzabal orbiting Hendaye in a Lunasurf wetsuit riding Luna grips.

Ian Battrick riding Lunasurf full deck grip and leashes, Indonesia.

One of the most underground, underrated 'Unidentifed Flying Objects' on planet Earth, riding Lunasurf full deck grip, Ryan Carlson in Costa Rica.


Floridian tube maestro & Indonesia veteran, Phil Goodrich making it look easy through some perfect Indonesian tubes surfing on the signature Lunasurf thruster fin template.

A surfing kickflip off & above the lip with Zoltan Torkos riding Lunasurf full deck grip, including his NEW 5 piece signature Zoltan front pad, Santa Cruz, California.

6 year old Basque surf girl Kailani Oyarzabal's first surf in Biarritz

An eye burning, mesmerizing POV view of an Indonesian sunset with Ian Battrick riding Lunasurf full deck grip.

 A deep, pre dawn barrel riding Lunasurf full surfboard deck grip, leash and wetsuit with Ian Battrick in France.

Ian Battrick, Hugues Oyarzabal and his 3 year old daughter 'Kaikai' surfing with Sfath the alien in France riding Lunasurf.

Huntington Beach local Eric Ramsey getting barreled at the Pier surfing in a Lunasurf 3.2mm wetsuit, riding Lunasurf traction, 6ft leash & signature thruster fins.

Ian Battrick Lunasurf 2mm short arm wetsuit, leash and full deck grip in France.

Renan Salgado surfing on Lunasurf full deck surfboard traction at Macaronies in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia.

Róbert Orri Stefánsson surfing Lunasurf thurster fins, traction, and wetsuit at home in Iceland.


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