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FCS Fins JW-1 Julian Wilson Performance Glass Fins

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FCS Fins Julian Wilson's signature JW-1 Performance Glass fins

FCS Fins wanted Julian to come up with some thing quite simple and the K2.1 was the starting point to get the fin Julian and FCS Fins finally come up with being the JW-1 “These fins help with release off the top a lot easier. The base in these fins are sturdier and offer flex in the tip. These fins can be used from one foot, up to six foot ” says Julian.

Performance Glass material characteristics and flex pattern are identical to traditional fibreglass fins offering a stiff base with subtle responsive tip flex, amazing aesthetics and proven durability. PG fins are the perfect transition fin for surfers moving from fixed fins to the convenience, accuracy and performance of FCS.

FCS fins jw1 dimensions    FCS fins jw1 dimensions   


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