Fergal Smith

Fergal Smith

Home town: County Clare, Ireland


Fergal Smith grew up on an organic vegetable farm outside a town called Westport in County Mayo. He now lives in County Clare where he is still on the hunt for heavy water and big barrels.

“I was lucky enough that our family had a caravan on Achill island and this is where we spent our weekends throughout the summer. My Dad gave surfing a try and as soon as he let myself and my brother Kevin have a go that was it.We didn’t grow up on a beach so just getting to go surfing was a real buzz.  Still now having the freedom to surf where I please and living close to the ocean I feel truly lucky. I love living in Ireland, its hard work to surf those rare good days but the waves we have on offer more than pay you back for your effort. My main goal is to learn how to surf heavy waves as best and functionally as possible and help push the level of surfing.”


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