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Future Fins Controller Quad Black Red Honeycomb

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Futures Fins

Futures Fins Controller Quad Fins Black Red

Large (180lb+) (80kg+)

A great quad fin set up for wide tail boards / hybrid fish boards perfect for letting lose in smaller conditions, the flat foil helps the fins realease sooner combine that with the honeycomb constructions medium flex makes this quad fin the right choice for those smaller days.


Future Fins Description:

The Seaworthy is a Quad Fin set designed by …Lost shaper Matt Biolos, developed for use in his small wave boards. Compared to its counterpart, the Controller, the Seaworthy is smaller in area and made of honeycomb materials, reducing weight and increasing flex, yielding a more performance minded skatey feel, while maximum drive and control is maintained.



HEIGHT:  4.50" 
BASE:  5.13" 
AREA:  18.19" 




HEIGHT:  4.43" 
BASE:  3.89" 
AREA:  12.01" 
FOIL: 80/20


1/2" Rears


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