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FUTURES Fins CM2 Clay Marzo Red Techflex 5 Fin

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Futures Fins CM2 - Clay Marzo Signature fin

Medium 145 - 180lbs 65kg - 80kg

The CM2, Clay Marzo's signature fin, is now available in a 5-Fin. The Techflex constuction provides a stiff but resilient flex that is perfect for surfing powerful waves or for the surfer throwing powerful hacks   

Techflex have a carbon fiber construction making them lighter than Honeycomb fins with the strength and responsiveness of Fiberglass. The Techflex come in several different templates and are the most responsive fins Futures carry. The carbon fibre construction and flat foil is designed for powerful surf and powerful surfing. The carbon fibre at the base of the fin creates stiffness and drive. The carbon fibre at the tip creates responsiveness. Techflex- light, stiff, responsive.

Future fins techflex


Front Fins:

Height:     4.56    in,        11.58    cm
 Base:        4.49    in,        11.40    cm
Area:        14.36    sq in,    92.64    sq cm

Quad Rear Fins:

Height:     3.84    in,        9.75    cm
 Base:        3.86    in,        9.80    cm
Area:        10.54    sq in,    68.00    sq cm

Center Fin:

Height:     4.56    in,        11.58    cm
 Base:        4.49    in,        11.40    cm
Area:        14.36    sq in,    92.64    sq cm



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