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FUTURES Fins F4 Thermotech White

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Future Fins

Futures Fins Thermotech

Small 65 - 145lbs  30Kg - 65Kg

Medium 145 - 180lbs 65kg - 80kg

One of our most popular fins. A balanced template that performs in a variety of conditions. The medium base and tip help you generate your own speed and stay on rail.

Thermotech is Futures fins new composite material. The Thermotech fins come with the Futures Truss Base which makes them lighter, and they are designed to break under impact reducing the risk of injury. The fin’s solid base directly transfers power, while the tip is still flexible and resilient allowing it to bend and load up, overall a closer feel to glass-on fins is achieved.


Outline: D. Haut

4.38 in,      11.10 cm
4.22 in,      10.70 cm
14.22 sq in, 91.74 sq cm

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