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Futures Fins F6 Alpha Carbon Blue

MEDIUM 145 TO 180LBS 65 TO 80KG

The F6 Alpha is a performance fin made in the USA. They are designed for medium sized riders, and made with an exclusive composite that is carbon and air infused and lighter than Honeycomb. They fall into the Balanced category on the Ride Number scale making them a great all around choice, because they provide enough spring to make it around sections while still maintaining some predictability and hold.


What is Alpha?

Alpha is an Carbon / Air infused compound (compound 6) developed by Futures and 3M. Lighter than honeycomb and more resilient than any other injection moulded fin on the market.

After testing various surface geometries behind a jet-ski, we found a 3D flow texture that controls the separation pattern and influences the boundary layer to reduce the hydrodynamic turbulent wake drag. The result is a more predictable and efficient flow with a significant reduction in the audible whistle heard while surfing called “fin hum.” 



HEIGHT: 4.37"
BASE: 4.22"
AREA: 14.22"
HEIGHT: 4.37"
BASE: 4.22"
AREA: 14.22"


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