Futures Fins

FUTURES Fins Laird Hamiton SUP Quad

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Futures Fins

Futures Fins Laird Hamilton SUP Quad

The Future Fins SUP Surf fins from Laird Hamilton which are designed by the Legendary waterman himself. With SUP boards being different, longer, wider, thicker and with the amount leverage a long handle paddle can give, one is able to exert considerable force when laying into a turn or cutback. All this adds up to requiring a special type of fin and what you get is the Future Fins Stand Up and Paddle Laird Hamilton Fins in either Tri or Quad and here they are!


Construction Honeycomb.

Built with a lightweight hexagonal core that provides a glass-on like flex. Honeycomb have a medium flex pattern, stiffer than Blackstix but more flexible than glass and Techflex.


Future Fins SUP Laird Hamilton - Quad Rear Fins:

Height: 4.42 in.
Base: 3.90 in.
Area: 11.61 in.²

Future Fins SUP Laird Hamilton - Quad Front

 Height: 4.78 in.
Base: 4.63 in.
Area: 16.17in.²



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