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FUTURES Fins QD2 4.15 Blackstix 3.0 Quad Rears

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Futures Fins

Futures Fins QD2 4.15" Blackstix 3.0 Quad Rears 

Large (180lb+) (80kg+)

 Looking to turn your Blackstix Thruster set into a Quad? These quad rears feature our 80:20 foil, great for technical maneuvers and generating speed. These also feature a variation of the Blackstix 3.0 asymmetrical construction layup to provide a flex that compliments their front fin counterparts.


Foil:        80:20
Height:  4.15 in    10.54 cm
Base:    4.16 in     10.57 cm
Area:    12.60 in²  81.29 cm

1/2" base




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