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FUTURES Fins QD2 4.15 Techflex Quad Rears Smoke

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Futures Fins QD2 4.15" Techflex Quad Rears 

Future Fins Techflex QD2 4.15 Quad Rear surfboard fins, you have the ability to turn any of your thruster sets into a quad! The QD2 rears are available in 3 different sizes 3.75", 4.0" and 4.15" for different height weight and surf styles and they're also available in Future Fins Honeycomb material giving you just the right amount of flex. If you have a thruster set turn it into a Quad at a fraction of the price of a full quad set.

Futures Fins QD2 4.15 Techflex Quad Rear (Carbon / Smoke) 


Foil:         Symmetrical
Height:  4.15 in    10.54 cm
Base:    4.16 in     10.57 cm
Area:    12.60 in²  81.29 cm

1/2" base




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