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FUTURES Fins TMF 1 Knubster Quad Fin Stabiliser

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FUTURES Fins TMF-1 (The Middle Finger) Knubster Quad Fin Stabiliser


The original Knubster was developed by Sean Mattison for Von Sol surfboards, the Futures TMF (The Middle Finger) Knubster is a 5th Fin. A center fin that can be added to any quad set-up. The fin will increase drive and provide directional control through turns without sacrificing speed, flow, or the freedom of movement typically associated with a quad.

The Future Fins TMF, which is 3 3/4" by 2" high, is a similar template to the FCS Knubster that Kelly Slater used as a 5th. Fin on his quad during the Quiksilver Pro in New York. According to Kelly's report, "The FCS Knubster will make your quad set-up feel faster, smoother, and it adds a little more control".


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