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FUTURES Fins V2 Bamboo Rasta Quad Hex Honeycomb RTM

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Futures fins

Futures Fins V2 Rasta Quad

Futures fins honeycomb

MEDIUM ( 145LBS - 195LBS )( 65KG - 88KG )

Set of 4 fins.

Built with a lightweight hexagonal core that provides a glass-on like flex. Honeycomb have a medium flex pattern, stiffer than Blackstix but more flexible than glass and Techflex.

Co-designed with one of the world's best free surfers, this V2 quad set was created for high performance surfing. These fins are made with renewable bamboo, which provides a lively flex pattern, and are wrapped in symbolic art provided by Rasta. A medium sized template that performs in a variety of conditions. The Quad set up with a medium base and tip allow you to generate more drive and stay on rail.

Front Fins:

Height: 4.44 in,     11.28 cm
 Base:   4.31 in,     10.95 cm
Area:  14.72 sq in, 94.97 sq cm


Rear Fins:

Height: 3.79 in,     9.63 cm
 Base:   3.78 in,     9.60 cm
Area:  11.03 sq in, 71.16 sq cm

A portion of the proceed from sales of the Rasta Quad will be donated to the Dave's non-profit organization by Futures Fins, Surfers For Cetaceans.

Please Visit s4cglobal.org/

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