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FUTURES Fins WCT Honeycomb Grey White

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Futures Fins

Futures Fins WCT Honeycomb Fin Grey White

Size: Medium 145 - 180lbs 65kg - 80kg

The Futures fins WCT template has similarities to the K2.1 and V2 models in FCS. They have a short rake and a wide tip that combine to give you the perfect amount of hold so you can maintain control over the board whilst still surfing top to bottom. Combined that with a smaller center fin and you have a set of fins that turns tight and quick in the pocket.

The WCT Honeycomb is a medium size Balanced fin with a Ride Number of 5.1. Featuring an upright fin template on the side fins and a neutral template in the center, the sublte flex pattern creates the ideal all-around beachbreak set. This pivoty fin likes to be surfed vertically in the pocket and allows for quick direction changes.

Futures Fins Description:

The name says it all. For progressive and high performance surfing.

The Futures fins WCT Honeycomb is an upright fin with a medium flex pattern designed for all-around beachbreak conditions. This pivoty fin likes to be surfed vertically in the pocket and allows for quick directional changes while the balanced trailer aids in control and stability.

Built with a lightweight hexagonal core that provides a glass-on like flex. Honeycomb have a medium flex pattern, stiffer than Blackstix but more flexible than glass and Techflex.

Futures Fins honeycomb


Height: 4.50 in,     11.40 cm
Base:   4.37 in,     11.10 cm
Area:  14.89 sq in, 96.06 sq cm


Futures Ride Number: 5.1

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