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Lunasurf 2mm Wetsuit All Black

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Product Description


Lunasurf HYBRID 2mm Wetsuit All Black


wetsuit material

Super stretch Neoprene

When it comes to warmth, stretch and weight this Japanese neoprene comes top. The most comfortable lightest rubber we can find when used on every panel of a wetsuit the results will blow your mind.

quick dry lining

Quick Dry Lining

Lightweight maximum stretch lining that excels at expelling water, also the softest most comfortable lining next to your skin.

wetsuit kneepads

Xeno Kneepads

Durable flex


Neck Crossover & Dislocating Front Zip Entry

A full front panel under the chest flap which wraps around and overlaps on the back of the suit prevents flushing and adds warmth. Chest flap is ergonomically designed to hug the wears shoulders and has two strips of elastic to hold it in place & prevent flushing. This in combination with the no seamless shoulder design is non restricting, adds flexibility and improves paddling efficiency.

wetsuit closure

Magnetic Tab Closure

You won’t find any velcro or pop tabs on this suit, just zip up a drop the magnetic tab and your done.

smaller tkk zip

Smaller TKK Zip

Why have a fat chunky zip that spans the width of your chest and would not seem out of place in a BDSM dungeon? (Don”t be that Guy) We have done away with that and replaced it with a strong lightweight zip that is about 50% smaller.


Glued & Blindsticthed

Each wetsuit is 100% Handmade

A fully sealed, maximum stretch seam construction that keeps water out. Neoprene panels are glued and pressed together, then blindstitched (needle doesn”t fully penetrate neoprene, keeping water out). Can be finished with seam taping for added stretch, durability, and comfort.

D.N.A Wetsuit Tape

D.N.A Tape

An exterior ultra thin 100% water/air tight tape.

wetsuit tape

Critical Inner Tape

Pressure bonded inner tape adds structure and durability to high flex areas (Knees and Crotch)

wetsuit key pocket

External Key Pocket

Located on the calf, the key pocket has an elasticated string and an overlapping flap for extra security.


 (Lunasurf Wetsuits have been ambassador tested and trusted around some of the most frigid waters on the globe. Check it out here)



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