LUNASURF Alien 10ft 9mm Calf SUP Longboard Leash White

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LUNASURF Alien 10ft 9mm Calf SUP Longboard Leash

The 10ft SUP Longboard leash has been designed to provide you with the reliability and security you need when the waves start to step it up. Ideal for use in a wide range of conditions, whether it is at your home break or traveling abroad.


  •  High strength, light weight, 9mm cord
  •  Anti-corrosion, stainless steel double swivels, reduces tangling
  •  Slim fit, soft, flexible calf cuff
  •  Key pocket (in cuff)
  •  Lightweight, slim quick release 3cm wide rail saver
  •  Luna Flex Precision molded fittings, keeping the cord away from your feet
  •  Lunasurf 6 month Guarantee


Lunasurf Ambassadors - have tested and trust this leash all over the globe, from freezing waters in Iceland, Scotland and Norway, to the tropical waters of Indonesia, Hawaii and Mexico.


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