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  • Lunasurf Surfboard Traction pad Black Green
  • Surfboard Traction pad Black Green
  • Amy Kotch Lunasurf Surfboard Traction - black and green 3 piece crosshatch tailpad
  • Amy Kotch riding Lunasurf Traction in the Maldives
  • Lunasurf full deck grip tailpad surf Ryan Carlson Ian Battrick Huntington Beach California USA
  • Timmy Turner & Sfath - ride the Lunasurf 3 piece crosshatch tailpad - as well as the 6 piece full deck grip setups - California.
  • James Garrett riding the 3 piece crosshatch tailpad with 2 pieces of the 4 piece pad set up - California, USA.

LUNASURF Alien Crosshatch 3 Piece Tail Pad Green Black

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Product Description


LUNASURF Alien Crosshatch 3 Piece Tail Pad Green Black

A multi use tail pad suiting any tail shape or surfboard you wish to ride, from high performance shortboards, longboards, fishes.


Diamond groove tail pad
Double Diamond Groove

Diamond groove adds extra surface area meaning more grip! Whilst not being too pronounced which works in combination with our unique lunasurf EVA foam density to massively reduce rashes.


psa foam traction
Unique Lunasurf EVA Foam Density

We have been testing EVA foam densities for years with our global ambassadors who have ridden in hugely varying climates. From the tropical environment of Indonesia to the baltic testing conditions of Iceland.
With that feedback we have now released what we believe to be the most comfortable and grippiest traction for your boards.


3M® Adhesive

As surfers we know that its a pain in the ass not to mention a waste of money when you have just gripped up a new board only to have the grip fall off after a couple of months.
which is why we only use the very strongest 3M® Adhesive on all our traction.


traction designed

Designed by Surfers For Surfers 


– 3 piece pad
– 3cm kick.
– Arch bar of 17cm x 6.5cm x 0.8cm
– Very strong adhesive(3M PSA)
– Diamond groove
– Unique Lunasurf EVA Foam Density

34cm long x 32cm widest point

Product Videos

How deep does the rabbit hole go... Ian Battrick in France Les Landes 02:32

100% shot on GoPro Hero 3+ Enjoy a couple of perfect French barrels with Ian Battrick. Time dilation and the irrelevance of the awareness of time are core themes behind the tube riding and surfing experience. Enjoy the ride. "You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." Take the blue pill tinyurl.com/jyx4y2a Take the red pill tinyurl.com/h6ojak5 Directed & edited by Ian Battrick http://ianbattrick.blogspot.com Thank you for watching. Don't be shy to share this clip, thats what it's made for, genuinely appreciated. Thanks to and additonal filming by Jauffrey Roche, Kim, Hugues Oyarzabal, Tim Nunn & Sfath https://lunasurf.co.uk https://lunasurf.teemill.co.uk http://www.surfprescriptions.com http://futuresfins.com/en-us http://varialsurf.com ARTIST : Everclear TRACK: Heroin Girl ALBUM: Sparkle and Fade

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