Lunasurf Ambassadors

Lunasurf ambassadors are more than just surfers or athletes, it is not just about performance but personality." Our team riders embody the spirit and essence of the brand, willing to go to any lengths to find uncrowded unchartered surf yet just as amped to surf with friends and family at their local beach. They work closely with us testing, refining and validating our products in the harshest conditions and some of the most remote locations on the planet - from subzero and snow to the sweltering tropics. Some of Lunasurf's unique surfing trips and product research with our ambassadors can be seen here.

Lunasurf is all about real people, real surfing and remembering to not lose track of why we all started – to have fun!”

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ian-battrick-.png timmy-turner.png
Ian Battrick Timmy Turner Ryan Turner
  chris-noble-copy.jpg  phoebe-strachan.jpg  jen-wood-copy.png
Chris Noble Phoebe Strachan
Jen Wood
hugues-oyarzabal.png kailani-oyarzabal.jpg ryan-carlson.png
Hugues Oyarzabal   Kalani Oyarzabal Ryan Carlson
 zoltan-torkos.png    phil-goodrich.png  kyle-mcgeary.png
 Zoltan Torkos                                   Phill Goodrich  Kyle McGeary
 eimeo-czermak-.jpg eric-ramsey.jpeg alex-sutherland.jpeg
 Eimeo Czermak  Eric Ramsey  Alex Sutherland
 amy-kotch.jpg  rosary-walsh.png verity-thomas.jpg
 Amy Kotch   Rosary Walsh  Verity Thomas
 pascal-chalard.png    paul-chalard.jpg ro-bert-orri-stefa-nsson.jpeg
 Pascal Chalard  Paul Chalard  Robert Orri Stefansson
 ben-larg.png  robyn-larg.png craig-mclachlan.png
 Ben Larg  Robyn Larg  Craig McLachlan
 aaron-rowe.jpg xavier-leroy.png nolan-poirier.jpeg
 Aaron Rowe   Xavier Leroy   Nolan Poirier
  cain-kilcullen.jpg  liam-murray-strout.jpg matt-capel.jpg
 Cain Kilcullen  Laim Murray Strout  Matt Capel
 baptiste-hardoy.png kyle-anderson.png reubyn-ash.png
 Baptiste Hardoy  Kyle Anderson  Reubyn Ash
 joss-ash.png skim-shady.jpeg fergal-smith-.jpg
 Josh Ash  Skim Shady  Fergal Smith