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Lunasurf surfboard full deck grip, front foot traction and tailpads - no more surf wax - just grab your board and go
Front foot traction and the use of full deck grip rather than wax, is a simple solution to a lot of things. From front foot and back foot denting, to never ever waxing your board again. No maintenance required. No more melting wax in the sun going all over your car, the inside of your board bag or wherever. No more your wax is too hard in cold water conditions. No more waxing and de-waxing for different water … read more
Best Rash Guard for UV Sun Protection - Luna Surf Long Sleeve Hooded Indo Rashie
The Lunasurf long sleeve hooded rash guard features a UV 50+ rating. A snug, 4 way stretch, rashguard with hood and visor. Just as easy to wear the hood up or down. "When you are camped out for weeks or months at a time, being cooked in just one day when the waves are firing can in turn end up making you miss out on the rest of the swell, or days after.I needed something that would protect me from sun exposure … read more
The Best Winter Wetsuits - For Men, Women, Children
Lunasurf winter wetsuits are available for men, women and children in the same high performance and quality.Sustainability Features Lunasurf have taken the positive step of committing to 100% limestone neoprene, a marked improvement from traditional petrochemical based materials. What really impresses me about Lunasurf however, is the “small batch” feel to the manufacture of the wetsuits, and awareness of was … read more