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14 year old Scottish grom Ben Larg charging El Quemao in Lunasurf Yamamoto kids wetsuit

All of our kids wetsuits have the same unique premium, high performance features as our adult wetsuits but with a perfect fit for young surfers. Both boys and girls, with our unisex sizings of childrens wetsuits.

100% Yamamoto Japanese limestone based neoprene. Every seam is blindstitched, glued & sealed with a thin, comfortable 4-way silver stretch neoprene tape. Minimizing water entry & maximizing warmth retention. Using a mini zip chest closure making it very easy to get in and out of.

Being superwarm, durable and ridiculously light weight even when they are wet, helps make our kids wetsuits the best in the industry! Lunasurf has a full line-up of kids wetsuits for every grom - from just wanting to battle some shore breaks, to charging the barrel. Perfect for getting them out and into the sea, river, lake and having fun.

At just 14 years old, Scottish grom Ben Larg in a Lunasurf Kids 3/2mm full wetsuit charging El Quemao in Lanzarote.

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Ben Larg letting loose surfing in Lanzarote wearing unisex childrens 3/2mm full wetsuit, riding a Lunasurf surfboard traction pad and 6ft Pink Lunasurf surfboard leash.

kids best warmest durable wetsuit ben larg lunasurf yamamoto

Eyeing up the El Quemao barrel whilst paddling over a set.

surfing el quemao lanzarote

Ben in our grom 3.2mm wetsuit about to feel the wrath of El Quemao.

surfing caught inside el quemao

unisex childrens lunasurf 3/2mm wetsuit arcane black

Unisex Childrens Lunasurf Yamamoto 3/2mm Wetsuit Arcane Black

yamamoto-neoprene-1.jpg yamamoto-limestone-neoprene.jpg


Yamamoto began producing wetsuits in 1961, offering the first wetsuit material in Japan that combined both highfunctionality and flexibility at a time when wetsuits were primarily composed of the heavy and stiff rubber.
Early customers included Japan’s Defense Agency and the famous female oyster divers of Japan’s fishing industry.
These customers sought a wetsuit that allowed for greater mobility underwater, improved heat retention and a better
wearing experience. A unique rubber material was developed and patented to resolve these problems.
Japanese Neoprene is the worlds best.


The major raw material of this Yamamoto rubber is limestone collected at Mt. Kurohime in Niigata Prefecture.
This limestone originates from magma of a volcano eruption in the sea near the Island of Hawaii about 80 million years ago.

yamamoto-honeycomb.jpg yamamoto-nitrogen-gas.jpg


Yamamoto Corporation’s neoprene rubber is classified as “chloroprene rubber.” The special rubberincorporates an independent closed cell structure which adds high functionality including super
light weight, high heat‐retention with good flexibility neoprene.


The closed cells are packed together at an extremely high density and each individual cell is filledwith nitrogen gas to prevent water penetration and increase heat retention. The nitrogen closed cell
content is over 93% — over 30% higher than most competing materials — and with virtually no
water absorption means the weight of this rubber remains nearly identical in wet or dry conditions,
giving you more warmth than thicker wetsuits without the weight.



Virtually no water absorption means the weight of this wetsuit remains nearly identical in wet or dry conditions,
giving you more warmth than thicker wetsuits without the weight.

wrists.jpg silver-tape.jpg


Rolled and stitched at the end of the cuff
creating an ergonomic fit preventing flushing. Unlike some wrist constructions ours will not rip even when wearing 8mm gloves.


A thin comfortable 4-way high stretch neoprene tape. Placed on all interior seams minimising water entry and maximising warmth retention.

gbs-construction.jpg temp-zip.jpg japanese-yamamoto-neoprene.jpg knee-panels.jpg


Seams and panels have be strategically
designed with flexibility and mobility as the focus. Making for a non restricting comfortable wetsuit. Every seam has been glued and blind-stitched to reduce water entry and excellent durability.


Easiest front entry mini zip system. Effortlessto take on and off. No unnecessary bulky zipper,
our fully dislocating mini zipper means no unbalanced restriction or area of tension. Horizontally placed over slant zip, giving greater freedom of movement and smaller area of
tension caused by the zip line. Securely held closed with a popper.


The entire wetsuit is constructed from the
worlds best Japanese limestone Yamamoto neoprene. Combined with a quick drying silky smooth lining makes for a snug, super warm, lightweight, high performance wetsuit.


Lightweight, strong, abrasion resistant, high stretch neoprene knee panels. Superior
comfort, flexability and durability.



Our size chart for Lunasurf Kids Unisex wetsuits