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Buy white frontpad and white tailpad combo Lunasurf full deck grip

Are you looking for an all white full deck grip set up?

white full grip surf surfing front pad

How about our white 6 piece front pad with a white 3 piece tail pad

Ian Battrick riding an all white Lunasurf full deck grip set up on his surfboard.

Our 6 Piece Front Foot Traction Pad Features:

  • 6 piece pad
  • Overall dimensions of all 6 pads equals 81cm long x 38cm widest point
  • No kick.
  • There is a subtle arch bar of 160mm long x 62mm wide x 7mm high on the middle rear piece.
  • Very strong adhesive(3M PSA)
  • Double diamond grooved EVA posi-compound foam

white traction pad surf front pad

Our 3 Piece Tail Pad Features:

- 3 piece pad
- 2.5cm Kick.
- Unique Lunasurf Long arch bar of 21.5cm (long) x 5cm (wide) x 1cm.
- Very strong adhesive(3M PSA)
- Square grooved EVA posi-compound foam
– Unique Lunasurf EVA Foam Density

- Overall dimensions 33.7cm long x 32.2cm widest point.

white traction pad surf

Looking for an alternative to wax? Try out some Lunasurf full deck grip for a change and be pleasantly surprised with their performance and ease. Our front foot traction and tail pads suit any shape or surfboard you wish to ride, from high performance shortboards, longboards, fishes and guns, to even tiny groms boards, wakeboards, kite surf boards, wave pool, skim, SUP.

Groms love the front pad and can easily trim the pads with scissors to fit even the smallest and narrowest boards.