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Lunasurf corduroy traction pad ridden by Amy Kotch in the Maldives

An incredibly grippy, three piece all corduroy grooved traction pad that will keep your back foot planted!

Made using a thinner foam thickness of 2.5mm for a low profile feel with our same classic crosshatch tailpad.

Giving you a slightly closer to the glass sensation whilst giving you incredible traction to let loose on the wave with 100% reliabilty and grip!

surf girl Amy Kotch corduroy traction pad

Amy Kotch tearing apart some perfect waves in the Maldives. As seen the through the lens of her husband and surf photography wizard Richard. Jamming it hard on the tailblock.

corduroy surfboard grip underwater world amy kotch


Corduroy groove
3 piece pad
3cm kick
Arch bar of 17cm x 6.5cm x 0.8cm
Very strong adhesive(3M PSA). As surfers we know that its a pain in the ass not to mention a waste of money when you have just gripped up a new board only to have the grip fall off after a couple of months.
Which is why we only use the very strongest 3M® Adhesive on all our traction.
Unique Lunasurf EVA Foam Density. We have been testing EVA foam densities for years with our global ambassadors who have ridden in hugely varying climates. From the tropical environment of Indonesia to the baltic testing conditions of Iceland. With their continual feedback we are releasing what we believe to be the most comfortable and grippiest traction for your board

34cm long x 32cm widest point

Amy is also using a Lunasurf 6ft comp Alien surfboard leash which has been designed to be as light weight as possible, with minimal drag in the water. Perfect for maximizing your performance in smaller to overhead conditions.

  • High strength, light weight, low drag 5mm cord
  • Anti-corrosion, stainless steel double swivels, reduces tangling
  • Extra slim fit, soft, flexible ankle cuff
  • Key pocket (in ankle cuff)
  • Lightweight, slim quick release 3cm wide rail saver
  • Luna Flex Precision molded fittings, keeping the cord away from your feet
  • Lunasurf 6 month Guarantee

comp leash surf Lunasurf

Blasting through the lip at Lohis in the Maldives. Amy ripping on one of the best traction pads out there on her Dahlberg surfboard.