LUNASURF Zoltan 5 Piece Surfboard Front Foot Pad Black

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Lunasurf Zoltan 5 piece front foot traction pad - Zoltan 'the magician' Torkos' signature pad


Looking for an alternative to wax? Try this multi use front foot pad suiting any shape or surfboard you wish to ride, however you want to ride, check out Zoltan 'the magician' Torkos tearing around Santa Cruz, California on his signature pad like he is in an aqua skatepark. Surfing kick flips, shoveits, kickflip to sex change, dark slides and more are in in Zoltans bag of tricks.



Luna full deck grip, front foot pads and tailpads are perfect for surfing, wakesurfing, wakeboardng, skimboarding, kiteboarding, kitesurfing, riversurfing, SUP, longboards, groms, paddleboarding... Just grab your board & go.


Front foot pad Features:

  • 5 piece pad
  • Overall dimensions of all 5 pads equals 74.4cm long x 36.8cm wide
  • No kick.
  • No arch bar 
  • Very strong adhesive(3M PSA)
  • Square grooved EVA posi-compound foam



Lunasurf Ambassadors - have tested and trust Lunasurf full deck grip, front pads & tailpads all over the globe - from freezing waters in Iceland, Scotland and Norway, to the tropical waters of Indonesia, Hawaii and Mexico.


Front foot traction and the use of full deck grip rather than wax, is a simple solution to a lot of things. From front foot and back foot denting, to never ever waxing your board again. No maintenance required. No more melting wax in the sun going all over your car, the inside of your boardbag or wherever. No more waxing and de-waxing for different water temperatures or trips. Apart from being lighter, grippier, easier, it saves you a lot of time, just grab your board and go...


We strictly only use the strongest (3M PSA) adhesive making for a very long lasting bond, and a grip that is made to give you what you need to put your surfing through its paces!

Lunasurfs foam formula has 100% memory at any water temperature, giving you both maximum traction and comfort at all climates, anywhere in the world. Our foam compound and density is formulated to prevent any chafing of the skin in warm waters. We all know how fast things can go wrong with chafed skin in warm climates, and nobody likes being kept out of the water from rashes or sea ulcers.


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