Matt Capel

Matt Capel

Home town: North Narrabeen, Sydney, Australia.


Matt Capel is from Cornwall UK but has shared his time between the cold English south shore and the rest of the world. “Known for his progressive approach of surfing, Matt is 100% dedicated to free surfing and follows the endless summer. He likes big moves with speed and commitment, he reverses anywhere he can, gets in the air as often he can, but he’s not just a tricky surfer. He can turn with power, get barreled into some heavy cold water slabs or charge some big hollow waves.”

Matt moved to North Narrabeen with his father and started surfing on the northern beaches of Sydney when he was nine. He grew up on the legendary beach break and was a member of the infamous North Narrabeen Boardriders Club. This not only meant he spent his early years surfing a world class beachie, but also surfing with world class surfers. It saw him develop quickly in the junior ranks of Australian surfing, getting into the coveted ASL Hot 100 of up and coming surfers, and developing a style and level of surfing that few British surfers achieve at such a young age.

When he returned to the UK in 2005 he ploughed through the contest scene and in 2006 was crowned Junior champion, pretty much winning every event as well as almost taking out the overall pro tour crown. Since then, thanks to his sponsors, Matt has been able to pick and choose contests, preferring to live a perfect life on the road. Winters in Australia and Indonesia, with surf trips fitted in between, coming back to the UK for the autumn swells in Scotland, Ireland and the rest of Europe. Having a base in the UK and Australia, makes life pretty good for Matt and he makes the most of it.


Matt in Scotland.