Róbert Orri Stefásson

Róbert Orri Stefásson

Home town: Reykjavik, Iceland.


Róbert, and his brother David Fannar Stefánsson, are two very laid back, low key, but hard core surfers. Born in Iceland, they grew up in Namibia where they started to surf, and on returning to Iceland as teenagers just never stopped. Robert and David would work on fishing boats for a few months to fund long stints camped out in Indonesia. Robert is an unspoken guy but don't be fooled by that he rips, and has a great ability for the tube.


Róbert tearing in Lunasurf 6.4mm wetsuit, riding our signature thruster fins, leash and traction.


Home break POV, Róbert knows this wave with his eyes closed.



Róbert Orri Stefásson and Ian Battrick, Iceland.