Ryan Carlson

Ryan Carlson

Home town: Huntington Beach, California.


Included in SURFING Magazines top 10 most underrated US surfers Huntington Beaches Ryan Carlson has been pushing the leading edge of progressive surfing for decades. His raw real personality, enthusiasm and natural athletic talent have enabled him to collect magazine covers, air show wins, video contest victories and the respect and friendship of the worlds best surfers. When he is not with his family Ryan is constantly in the water, sessioning with the boys, teaching  surf lessons in HB, or quick photo/video trips to Mexico or Hawaii. Not only does Ryan have a full time job, he is also a father, and still surfs more than you. Since Ryan never went down the contest jersey path, he instead relies on his free surfing to make a name for himself. With an influx of good quality DIY film clips seeping in from around the globe. Surfing takes care of Ryan and he takes care of it. 


Ryan ripping on Lunasurf full deck grip.




Stomping on a 3 piece Luna crosshatch tailpad, Costa Rica.




Huntington Beach.


Huntington Beach rodeo.


Ryan Carlson and Ian Battrick, Huntington Beach, California.


Costa Rica.